Booking Procedure

Are You In South Carolina?  I am now based in Columbia, South Carolina and will be posting monthly availability on the 1st of every month.  For example, December availability will be posted on November 1st.


Book Me to Travel to You!  If you're outside of my based location and prefer me to travel to you, this appointment is made just for you.  During our consultation, we will discuss travel costs (flight and/or stay, if needed) that will be added to your total costs.


All clients are REQUIRED to book a virtual consultation for each new install where we will discuss and review your dream loc style, or else the appointment is not confirmed.  All consultations will be held the following week of bookings.  I will allot certain days and times to host consultations--please book yours accordingly.  Please come deposit ready, as you will be submitting your deposit at the end of the consultation to secure your deposit.  Failure to submit your deposit at the consultation will void your appointment.

*** You do not need a consultation for Loc Maintenance appointments.***

*** Please book your install along with your consultation, as your desired date is not promised to be yours if you don't schedule it.***

Booking Fee

Your booking fee is nonrefundable & required the day of your consultation.  The booking fee amounts to 50% of the total cost of your service.  For example, if your total service costs $800, then the booking fee due is $400. Failure to submit your booking fee at the consultation will invalidate your appointment.

Booking fees for Maintenance appointments (Touch ups + Removals) are still required upon booking.

Payment (& Payment Plans)

Payment for consultation & remaining balance (on appointment day)

may be accepted via Card, ApplePay, Zelle or in Cash (only for the last balance due; please bring exact change).


An installment plan helps ease the process of paying for your experience.  If you're interested in taking this route, you may inquire details during our consultation.

*All payments are nonrefundable*